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Our speciality is substance tests for narcotics. These tests visualise the presence of cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, LSD and cannabis products, as well as other diverse substances within minutes by the way of a reliable and easy-to-interpret colour change. ESA test systems stand out due to the fact that they are safe, easy to use and extremly reliable, as well as of a quality that our many customers in the police, customs, security services and justice system can rely on as part of their daily work.

Our philosophy is to establish industry standards in which we ensure room for innovative ideas and work at a continually high standard - we led the way as the first company to offer the test system in the form of qualitative, high-quality Schott-glass ampoules. These require less reagent than is the norm, and are therfore safer to use and significantly more environmentally friendly than alternative solutions. The uncompromising quality of all our materials, as well our colose collaboration with customers, is characteristic of our approach to work, our company philosophy and our product range. Sch an approach allows us to keep customer experience and requirements at the heart of our product development.

Our best asset, keeping us at the forefront of innovation and underpinning our quality standards, is our decades of experience. ESA-Test GmbH has its roots in the establishment of VEB Laborchemie Apolda in 1949. ESA-Test GmbH was successfully integrated into the nal von minden group in 2015, and its independence and traditional company policy was consciously preserved. Research, development and production continue to be carried out in this way in Thuringia.

Our company policy states that we offer products only for the identification of substances in the fight against drug misuse and related crime. We categorically refuse to sell to drug manufacturers or sellers for the purpose of purity testing their substances. As pioneers in the field of drug substance tests, we also want to set a good example.

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ESA-Test GmbH

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Dr. Tobias Scholl


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Gesellschaft für Prüftechnik Eisenach


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